AC Drives


Mitsubishi Servo Systems are advanced and flexible, offering a variety of motors (rotary, linear and direct drive motors) to achieve the best machine performance. MELSERVO introduces servo amplifiers to the market based on the concept of Human (user friendly and safety function), Machine (High performance) and Environment (energy saving).

The range includes:

  • MELSERVO-J5 - MELSERVO-J5 series supports a new network, CC-Link IE TSN.
  • MELSERVO-JET - high-performance servo amplifiers feature a unique control engine that is more powerful than ever before.
  • MELSERVO-J4 - man, machine and environment in perfect harmony.
  • MELSERVO-JE - applies to all machines with reliable basic performance and advanced ease-of-use.
  • MELSERVO-JN - easy to use, high Performance, compact body.
  • MELSERVO Others – This includes the series before MELSERVO-J3, i.e. the MELSERVO-J3, MELSERVO-J2-Super, MELSERVO-J2M, and MELSERVO-J2-Jr.

Questions about Mitsubishi products? Questions about Mitsubishi products?