Case Study: Your Coffee

Bringing the online sales ordering process directly to the factory floor. 

YourCoffee is Australia’s leading specialty contract coffee roaster. Partnering with businesses of all sizes, from boutique coffee operators to national retailers, they deliver marketing-driven coffee products and services.  

With a custom-built coffee roasting facility in Melbourne designed to provide large-scale, flexible roasting services with unrivalled quality, YourCoffee engaged ESM and utilised Ignition software to streamline their processes, with the aim of bringing their client base closer to the production process.  

Comprising of a complete vertically integrated specialty coffee sourcing and roasting facility, with 50 tonnes per week production capacity and automated packing on site, YourCoffee provides a scalable production and private label solution. The team at YourCofee were looking for a way to increase the flexibility of their plant in order to satisfy a broad range of customer demands with short lead times and a focus on reducing waste. 

Applying Ignition technologies allows Australian companies to maintain their competitive edge and helps to promote and sustain Australian manufacturing, to find out more, contact us.

YourCoffee decided to engage ESM and install Ignition software to the plant so that they could create a bespoke design tailored to their needs. They found the advantage of Ignition software over others on the market, was the ownership they were given on how the systems were presented and how they interacted with it. Ignition’s unlimited licensing gave YourCoffee the freedom to build whatever they needed. There are no additional costs for adding new projects, tags, clients or users.  

The Ignition solution implemented at Your Coffee allowed them to short-cut the online sales process from Shopify and bring the sales orders directly through to the production system without any manual involvement.  

The installation and implementation of Ignition to YourCoffee resulted in faster processing times, less wastage and a has provided a stepping stone to reach a full industry 4.0 solution. 

Jeremy Irwin, operations manager at YourCoffee, describes the benefits Ignition has provided to the business: 

“We know that even when we are at peak capacity the system can manage the large volumes through the factory. We also know exactly what is being ordered, and exactly what we need to roast each time so it doesn’t matter how busy the plant is we have a non-variable in ignition, because it presents the correct information for us every time.” 

He goes on to describe the increase in data accessibility:

“The staff at Your Coffee have become empowered to fix situations that arise, at any time I can grab my mobile phone and check where the process is at, have control over the process, which means that its easy to access and easy to use for everyone involved.”