Industry 4.0

ESM plans, develops, installs and supports Industry 4.0 practices.

Since 2011, Industry 4.0 (also referred to as Digital Transformation) has been hailed as part of the solution to revolutionise the manufacturing sector. The pandemic has accelerated the evolution of Industry 4.0 initiatives and showed how a lack of Digital Transformation can disrupt the supply chain.

What is Digital Transformation?

The ARC Advisory Group, one of the leading industrial technology research and advisory firms globally, defines Digital Transformation as the transformation of industrial products, operations, value chains, and after market services, that are enabled through the augmentation of people and knowledge through the expanded use of sensors, data, and analytics.

Manufacturing organisations are challenged with being simultaneously efficient and making quality products. Currently, many don’t have a lot of insight into their own manufacturing process – they have no way to go in, break it down and see how it's really doing. 

Digital Transformation/Industry 4.0 provides that insight by enabling the collection of data, creating connections, and then harnessing that knowledge to continuously monitor and improve business practices. This is imperative to be competitive in the marketplace today.